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The most unique critturs around!
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United Kingdom
Abwettar here with an adoptable account! Enjoy <3

I do not currently offer custom adoptables. I will open slots for them every once in a while.

Here are my adoptable groups;
:icontest-tube-adoptables: :iconstrangesteeds: :iconpeculiarpets: :iconcrazycompanions:

Check out these awesome adoptable agencies;
:iconpawlings: :iconadoptachirimo: :icongoldenadoptables: :iconadoptablepie: :iconlabyrinthadoptables: :iconendlessadopts:

Check out my friends' adoptable accounts too!
:iconaliyah-adopt: :iconfrake-love: :iconcalliasadopts: :iconharlequining: :iconinked-adopts: :iconforestspirits: :icontweettii:

(If you aren't here and you should be, tell me!)
I'm opening 5 slots for custom adoptables! Due to them being traditional they will be a little more expensive I'm afraid, as they take so stupidly long... I hope that doesn't put you guys off to much ;3;

Anyway, if you would like a slot please read the rules below;

1. You must be ready to pay for your customs right away, before they are done. If for any reason I can no longer complete the custom, you will receive a full refund of course. But unless all my limbs fall off, I think you should be fine!

2. You can request only one custom adoptable in your slot. No sheets or anything, just one adopt.

3. HOWEVER you can request absolutely anything you like! Anything that already exists in my gallery or any new custom you can think of. I'm completely at your mercy.

4. If you win a slot please note me as soon as you can with what you would like for your custom. Be as detailed as you can if you're looking for something specific.

5. You may request one change for your custom. So if you're unhappy with what you get I can redraw it with changes only once. After that you're stuck with what you've got I'm afraid.

Anyway! The slots cost 150 :points: each. To claim a slot please comment below. You have 24 hours to send the points once I confirm the slot is yours, after that I'm afraid the slot becomes available again.

Slot 1: HazeAdopts

Slot 2: Windup-Ghost

Slot 3: Available

Slot 4: Available

Slot 5: Available


Baeling Species Ref OPEN SPECIES by AbwettarAdopt
Baeling Species Ref OPEN SPECIES
This species is OPEN. You can make your own providing you inform me so that I may check you have everything right. I'll still be making adoptables of them though!

Any questions, just ask!

Species (c) AbwettarAdopt

Additional Information

General: These large animals live in family groups in the wild. Although they generally rely on large bodies of water for survival, they have been tamed and do not need water so long as they have a food source. They can be ridden, as they have pads on the undersides of their flippers and on their back feet. The pads assist with moving around on land. Their great strength also makes them valuable cart pulling animals.

Habitat: In or around large bodies of water. Can survive in both salt and fresh water habitats.

Diet: Fish, seaweed, small mammals. They will also happily scavenge where possible.

Butterfly Hound Species Ref CLOSED SPECIES by AbwettarAdopt
Butterfly Hound Species Ref CLOSED SPECIES
This species is CLOSED

You can get these through adopts, or by paying a fee to create your own c: (700 Points - ask me about this please).

Any questions on this species, just ask!

Species (c) AbwettarAdopt

Additional Information

General: Butterfly hounds were created in laboratories, with the initial intention as an animal for the upper class people in society to own for status, or to show. A smaller cousin exists, known as the Toy Butterfly Hound (Species Ref - not yet available), which was created for those upper class individuals that wanted something that would fit in a purse. They have the benefit of being beautiful, but also fiercely loyal, and make excellent guard animals.

Features: Stocky but streamlined, covered in thick, soft fur. Large ears, a big nose. They have both canine teeth and long, tubular butterfly tongues. They have butterfly antennae which extend from they're eyebrows. Their front four feet have two toes and a dewclaw, and the back four feet have four toes. All feet have pads on the bottom. They also have sharp claws. The bottom of their bellies have soft scales on them which do not grow fur. They have medium length butterfly tails.

Size: German shepherd size.

Habitat: As pets, although they can generally survive alone in temperate to warm climates, provided there is enough food to sustain them.

Diet: Raw meat, fruit and nectar. They cannot live a soley herbivious or carnivorous lifestyle, and will soon perish without both meat and fruit.
Butterfly Hound Adopt 2 OPEN by AbwettarAdopt
Butterfly Hound Adopt 2 OPEN
New species... the butterfly hound! 6 legs, two twos on the fron four feet, four toes on the back. Size of a german shepherd.

This one is based off a butterfly whose name I do not know ;3; I found it randomly on Google...

Anyway, 500 Points

I also need;
And a coloured picture when you can.

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Happy birthday!!
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Jasiri Ref by The-Dead-Grim-Reaper

i made my own Toy Demon x3
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Do you still do custom adopts??
AbwettarAdopt Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist
Thank you! But I'm afraid I don'tat the minute :<
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^^ Alright
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AbwettarAdopt Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist
Ah thank you very much! <3
ArrowFox248 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist Artist

Your art is very cool in one way and it is very creative! ^_^
The toy demons are cute too :3
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